Our Most Popular Services

Our expert technicians at Sundance Mazda know exactly what your vehicle needs. With their knowledge and techniques, your Mazda vehicle is in good hands. See what we have to offer below. 

<p>Starting at <span> $219.95 </span></p> Out of Province Inspection
<p>Starting at <span> $189.95 </span></p> Used Car Inspection
<p>Starting at <span> $59.95 </span></p> Oil Change
<p>Starting at <span> $69.95 </span></p> Synthetic Oil Change
<p>Starting at <span> $32.95</span></p> Engine Air Filter
<p>Starting at <span> $159.95</span></p> Install and Balance (4)
<p>Starting at <span> $129.95</span></p> Wheel Alignment (4)
<p>Starting at <span> $149.95</span></p> Brake Fluid Flush
<p>Starting at <span> $49.95</span></p> Brake Inspection
<p>Starting at <span> $13.95</span></p> Replace Wiper Blades (No Labor)
<p>Starting at <span> $99.95</span></p> Manual Transmission Service
<p>Starting at <span> $99.95</span></p> Transfer Case Service
<p>Starting at <span> $99.95</span></p> Front Differential Service
<p>Starting at <span> $99.95</span></p> Rear Differential Service
<p>Starting at <span> $259.95</span></p> Transmission Fluid Flush (</= 2011)
<p>Starting at <span> $49.95</span></p> AVR Charging Test
<p>Starting at <span> $179.95</span></p> Coolant Flush (4CYL)
<p>Starting at <span> $79.95</span></p> Replace Cabin Filter
<p>Starting at <span> $299.95</span></p> Major Service (Every 24,000 Km)