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Welcome to Sundance Mazda, your premier Mazda destination in Edmonton, Alberta. We stand out among Mazda dealerships in Canada with a commitment to exceptional customer service and a diverse inventory of new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles.

Discover your ideal Mazda effortlessly at Sundance. Our dedicated team prioritizes customer service, offering competitive prices on sought-after models like the The CX-50, CX-90. And CX-30. Whether you're into new or pre-owned, we cater to various preferences and budgets.

Trust in Sundance Mazda extends to our after-sales service, ensuring your Mazda continues to excel post-purchase. From routine maintenance to genuine parts and accessories, our dedicated team is here for you.

Visit Sundance Mazda today for an unparalleled Mazda experience. Our knowledgeable staff awaits to guide you through our extensive range of products and services, making your Mazda journey memorable.

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