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Edmonton Mazda ServiceAt Sundance Mazda Service, our focus and passion is to ensure your Mazda will continue to perform beyond your expectations. Providing highly skilled and trained Factory Technicians is just one of the ways of ensuring that the service and maintenance provided is completed timely and professionally. At Sundance Mazda Service Garage, we look forward to the challenge of ‘servicing’ all your Automotive requirements, from basic oil change services – starting at $49.95, to the most complex electrical or engine drivability diagnostics. We have the personnel, with factory trained skills and experience that have made a commitment to “Service Excellence”, allowing your continued enjoyment and peace of mind when driving the “Zoom Zoom” way.

Contact your Sundance Mazda Service Team @ 780-665-5208 or

14 Technicians waiting to serve you, including 3 Mazda Master Technicians.
Sundance Mazda Service is SKYACTIV Certified.

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17990 - 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta

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"We'll Do Whatever It Takes!"


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